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As well as learning more about our book, Unicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales, you can find lots of information about us, pictures to colour in, and some fun games to play.

The gorgeous cover was designed by Francesco Valla (17). He started designing covers when his mum published her first book back in 2016, and since then he has created many stunning covers, which you can find more covers on his site here. He’s currently studying graphic design at college, and paints in his spare time. He also loves playing computer games!

Abigail Northwood (14) is our talented artist, who created many of the images in the book. Studying GCSE Art they can be found doodling digital art on various devices or working on a project for school. They are passionate about their hobbies and enjoy Manga and Anime.

Join in the fun later on the 10th April on our Facebook pages, with readings, behind the scenes info, and a giveaway! The paperback and ebook are available now!

https://www.facebook.com/SarahNorthwoodAuthor/ https://www.facebook.com/juliaclementsauthor/

What people are saying about Unicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales

There are so many beautiful passages throughout, life lessons for young children hidden within the stories, and some lovely advice (kindness, courage) as well. It would also make excellent bed-time reading due to the approachable length of the stories and poems. Well done for such a gorgeous book! – Kim Rigby, author of The Black Fire Chronicles

I’ve just finished reading it! I’m completely entranced by the gorgeous stories and poems. I’m currently re reading The Far-away Tree with my youngest son, and your beautiful stories are more than equal to the fantastic work of Enid Blyton! I love the short stories, perfect for a bedtime story each night, with lots to spark the imagination of little ones (and grown ups too!) – Sue Baker, avid reader

I particularly enjoyed how the children, whether human, fairy or mermaid, were so realistic, just normal kids speaking with normal vocabularies – and yet all the fantastic stuff going on too. I’m sure children will love it. – Linda Huber, author of The Cold Cold Sea and The Runaway

100% parent-approved! Kids and adults alike will love this magnificent, magical read. It does exactly what it says on the cover. Packed full of wonderful short stories, poems and illustrations that will delight all who read it. The author’s love of children’s stories and telling them really shines through, written as if spoken through children. – Kayleigh, Blogger at https://cookingthebooksreview.home.blog/

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Copyright Unicorns, Mermaids, and Magical Tales – Tutti i diritti riservati

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